Algoritma Tracking dan Estimasi Jarak Bola Pada Robot Soccer Humanoid

Syaiful Amri


Humanoid soccer robot is a robot that is designed to play ball as humans play soccer, one of the algorithms owned by humanoid soccer robot to be able to see the ball is a scanning-tracking algorithm. Actuators used for scanning-tracking are two dynamixel AX12 servo motors. The task of the actuator is to make horizontal and vertical directions with the control method used in the tracking process, namely proportional control. After the ball is obtained from the scanning results, the tracking process is carried out which is then calculated the distance between the robot's foot and the ball. by knowing the distance of the ball, the robot can perform actions such as kicking, dribbling and stepping. The method used to get the distance of the ball with a robot is the trigonometry equation method based on the dynamixel servo motor angle. The results obtained after testing with ball spacing varies from 5cm to 500 cm, the process of scanning and tracking by finding the midpoint values of coordinates (position) of the ball object can be done at 160x120 pixel image frame resolution with the maximum distance that can be identified is 350 cm . while the ball spacing based on the actuator angle Y has an average estimated error of 15.71%.


Robot Humanoid, scanning, tracking, kontrol proportional

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